Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Swimming With Autism | The Autism Site Blog

Swimming With Autism | The Autism Site Blog

We have begged Lee's Summit to use their $12 million aquatic center for this.  It should be in their student's IEPs.  But, they won't do it.

Ten-year-old Daniel is non-verbal and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. But his diagnosis has not stopped he or his family from giving him the opportunities that all children should have such as the chance to swim. For the past six years Daniel has been working with a swim school to learn not only how to swim, float and have fun in the water, but at the same time learning how to communicate.

Watch as the co-owner of this swim school describes the successes Daniel has shown over the years and how it has helped him to become successful in listening and following directions. Autism won’t stop our kids from living and enjoying the activities that every child should enjoy!

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